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About Us

Fountainbridge is a leading company in custom synthesis and chemical sourcing.

As a UK registered company operating since 2012, Fountainbridge has been providing custom synthesised molecules and chemical sourcing services to our customers across the spectrum of the chemical industry, including drug discovery/development companies, contract research/manufacturing organisations, catalogue companies, government scientific bodies and academic institutions.

Our dedicated team of chemists undertakes the custom synthesis of complex small molecules including compounds for drug discovery & development, impurity reference standards, metabolites and chemical intermediates on the scale mg – 100’s kg. We have successfully completed hundred's of challenging custom synthesis projects where we have had to utilise multi-step processes, chiral chemistry and challenging purifications.

Fountainbridge sources chemicals for applications across the pharma, life science and fine chemical industries, allowing our customers unrivalled access to local suppliers; labs and factories across China and India. We enable our customers to obtain hard-to-find chemicals and to access solutions for their chemical sourcing and purchasing challenges.

Why use Fountainbridge?

Fountainbridge has two main strands of business; the custom synthesis of small organic molecules in the quantities of mg – multi kg, and the sourcing of bulk chemicals in quantities of g-Mt.

Custom Synthesis

Fountainbridge specialises in the custom synthesis of organic small molecules including impurities, metabolites, intermediates; and molecules for drug discovery and development. Our chemists have successfully completed hundreds of custom synthesis projects on scales ranging from mg - multi kg.

Chemical Sourcing

Fountainbridge are experts in chemical sourcing with an in-depth knowledge and wide experience of the Chinese chemical market. Fountainbridge can help to accelerate product development and save money by working with trusted partners to supply chemicals for applications across the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and specialty chemical sectors.

Fountainbridge was founded in 2012 by Oliver Smith. Oliver worked as a chemist for a pharmaceutical CRO in the UK, before moving to China for a year in 2010-2011 as part of an EU funded exchange programme. During this time he lived in Beijing studying Chinese and then worked in Shanghai.

After returning to the UK, Fountainbridge was established with the aim of providing QC analysis services to companies purchasing chemicals from China. After Oliver relocated back to Shanghai in 2012, Fountainbridge started offering QC analysis services in China before focusing on providing custom synthesis and chemical sourcing.