Fountainbridge’s extensive experience in chemical sourcing has allowed us to develop a broad network of trusted suppliers and manufacturers from where we can source chemicals for a wide range of applications. 

Through our in-depth knowledge of manufacturers and suppliers, especially in China, Fountainbridge’s chemical sourcing service can provide a host of different chemical products. Customer’s save time and money by entrusting Fountainbridge to source pharmaceutical intermediates, chemicals for R&D, fine chemicals & APIs from reliable manufacturers and suppliers.

Fountainbridge’s presence in the UK and China means that we maintain strong channels of communication with manufacturers, suppliers and customers alike.

Thanks to our dual locations we can offer additional services in support of the supply chain. These include chemical QC analysis carried out in Shanghai, supplier due diligence checks, supplier and factory audit, chemical sampling service, logistical support and pre-shipment inspection. Fountainbridge’s complimentary services help us to reduce risk and deliver a fast, professional, cost effective chemical sourcing service, allowing our customers to save time and money.

Products are delivered on time and in good condition, and most importantly meeting our customer’s specification requirements.

When preparing a quote for our customers, Fountainbridge strives to share as much information with the customer as possible. We will make technical information on manufacturing processes and background information on suppliers available where possible; as well as providing at least two different sources for each enquiry, although this is not always possible. This allows our customers to make an informed decision before proceeding.  We are happy to sign a CDA before entering into discussions.

Below is an outline of the stages that Fountainbridge employs during the chemical sourcing process. We strive to ensure our customer’s individual requirements are met when using our sourcing service so that we can deliver products on time, in spec and in good condition.


The benefits of our sourcing service include:

  • Find suppliers for hard-to-find chemicals
  • Facilitate better communication with manufacturers/suppliers
  • Maintain product quality through our quality control analysis service
  • Provide security through supplier audit and pre-shipment inspection services
  • Ensure timely delivery by providing logistical support

Global Sourcing and Custom Synthesis