Fountainbridge provides consultancy services focused on the global pharmaceutical, agrochemical, life science and fine chemical industries. Our results give our clients a better understanding of global chemical suppliers and markets.

Our consultancy service focuses on the following areas:

  • Market research to identify suppliers, products, trends and prices
  • Undertaking due diligence and site audits of factories and suppliers
  • Providing technical support and advice in areas of chemical synthesis and process development


Fountainbridge has successfully carried out projects in these areas giving our clients a clear insight into the suppliers and markets operating in the areas they are interested in, which in turn has allowed them to make better informed decisions about their business strategy and development.


  • Experience across different chemical industry sectors
  • Large network of contacts giving access to industry leaders and influencers
  • Long-term value for money service
  • Market insights for pricing and trends
  • Location in China
  • Local due diligence

Global Sourcing and Custom Synthesis