Fountainbridge is a company that is passionate about ensuring our customers receive chemical products that meet agreed specifications. Receiving substandard or out of specification materials can result in delays, loss of money and/or cancellation of projects.  Fountainbridge ensures that the products we provide through our chemical sourcing service undergo appropriate and rigorous QC analysis before being shipped, this is one of the concepts on which Fontainbridge was founded.

QC analysis can also offer security to our customers who are sourcing directly from Chinese suppliers. From our China office we can quickly and efficiently conduct QC testing and provide a service customised to our customers specific requirements. This can include taking samples, conducting pre-shipment inspection and liaising directly with manufacturers, suppliers and logistic partners to provide essential supply chain support.

Fountainbridge’s China QC analysis service can be used to check the qulity of API’s, agrochemcials, pharmacetucial intermediates, fine chemicals and compounds used in pharmaceutical discovery & development

Our China QC analysis service can utilise any one of a number of different analytical techniques depending on the nature of the chemical that is required to be analysed and the parameters that need checking. For chemical purity, we can use HPLC, GC, ICP or titration based technqiues can be used, for qualitative testing NMR, IR, MS or elemental analysis can be employed. Other parameters that can be tested include particle size analysis, water content and melting point, amongst others.

Fountainbridge’s QC Analysis service can offer tangibile benefits to our customers by helping to ensure the stability and security of their supply chain.

QC Analysis strengths

  • Wide range of analytical testing methods
  • Ensure products meet specification before being shipped
  • Reduce risk of receiving poor quality goods
  • Fast turnaround of analysis results
  • Sampling and pre-shipment inspection can be included in the service
  • Professional report with full analytical data provided
  • Save time and money by identifying problems early

Global Sourcing and Custom Synthesis